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Not Even Remotely Fair - Peter "MegaSphere" Lawrence
32 Maps for DOOM II (Limit Removing, complevel 2) Nightmare Difficulty Only All Original Soundtrack Download the soundtrack here: https://megasphere.bandcamp.com/album/not-even-remotely-fair-original-soundtrack DEHACKE...
Fecal Salad - MArt1And00m3r11339
Fecal Salad is a map with lots of brown, a salad covered in poop that no one wants to eat. Doom Guy decides to just throw it out. In-game clearing time should be roughly 4 - 5 hours depending on the player. Play through of...
Unknown Outpost - Aeddes666
The marine managed to get through that old mine. Help him to go back to HQ! Sequence of Mining Site 32.
Grape Soda - MArt1And00m3r11339
Grape Soda is a map that features lots of purple. Play through of the map can be found on my YouTube page via external links on the Doom Wiki page.
Chocolate Pretzel - MArt1And00m3r11339
Lots of brown and white. The brown is the chocolate coating and the white is the inside. Play through of the map can be found on my YouTube channel via external links on the Doom Wiki page.
Hydro-Powered Demon Shower - cold soup
Short, fairly hard Boom map taking place in some sort of hydraulic techbase. This is the first map I've ever finished, coming after a long line of half-complete failed attempts. Feedback is 100% welcome. The map itself is ...
Salmonella - [~]
'Salmonella' embodies a fairly nasty more-or-lessy puzzleish hella-themed arena that juxtaposes static limits. Made 4 D2, conjointly predisposed towards ultra-violence as well as adorned solely with stock textures besides ...
Fort Hunt - John Engle
loosely based on Fort Hunt in Mount Vernon Va, built in the late 1800's
cw - Cacodemon124
Survive for as long as you can to fight the Cyberdemon...
Penance 3: The Redemption - SkeletronMK666
It's back, and bigger than ever, it's Penance 3: The Redemption! the Vulken Fire skeleton must now defeat a new rival, the antichrist, an evil alien invader that seeks to rule the earth! this mod requires GZDoom- default...
The DBK Holiday Special - The DBK
Mangle all the way across the galaxy as Doomguy does some last-minute Christmas Eve shopping!
Penance 3: Arena - SkeletronMK666
The Official sequel to Penance 2: the retribution, comes "Penance 3: Arena" a gameplay/ Deathmatch mod with 12 new maps (VULK01-12). Made with Zandronum in mind, this mod contains custom bots, maps, and weapons along with ...
Dubious Temple - NiGHTS108
Recently I participated in the Pacifist Paradise Secret Santa, a community project that involves mappers mapping in someone else's style at random. I was asked to map in the style of Dubium for the project, although he qui...
Give Me All Your Love - dashiefrickintyan
Show me your love Show me what it's like
Vile Intentions - SpacialKatana
Story? WTF !! Kill the demons.
Andrew's Library - Andrew Turnbull
Andrew's Library is a "proof of concept" effort at reproducing the J. Frank Marsh Library (at Concord College in Athens, WV) in a video game. Since "Doom" came out in 1993, the map strives to accurately reflect the configu...
FLESHARMONIC - Jambon, Datacore, Nixx, Roofi, Duskolos, Alep...
Once upon a time, there was a building lost in the middle of a huge canyon filled with flesh and blood, looking strangely like an embryo. No one resides there anymore, except for evil spirits whispering. Why am I here? ...
My Little DOOM map - Jeyphr
Neat little techbase that houses a slaughtermap style trap.
Penelope - thelokk
A single, medium to large exploratory map making use of 32in24 resources, and custom palette / MIDI / some graphics by me.
Mining Site 32 - Aeddes666
After escaping the UAC Bioweapons Facility, Doomguy arrives at an old mine...
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