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  1. bowserknight

    What are your personal best DOOM achievements?

    lol... I don't even have the patience to make it through the beginning. Good job
  2. bowserknight

    What are you playing now?

    Done with Sigil now, now I'm back at Scythe 2. Map 23 already nearly drove me nuts, kept dying in stupid ways and the beginning is just horrible. Now I'm at map 24 and even tho it doesn't look too bad, I struggle with it. Not sure why tho, you have so much space and so much ammo / health, yet I just can't get a good run going. Has anyone ever felt like, "I should be able to beat this, but I just can't"?
  3. bowserknight

    What are your personal best DOOM achievements?

    We all gotta start somewhere!
  4. bowserknight

    What are your personal best DOOM achievements?

    You mean on a consecutive run, or with pistol start? Been a long time since I played the original maps but if I remember right, it is loaded with Shotgun Zombies, isn't it?
  5. Since I've always been a person that loves to challenge himself, I've been wondering what kinds of things other people have accomplished as well. I'm talking about Doom 1 & 2, Plutonia and basically any other wads that exist. What's the most difficult thing you've been able to beat in Doom? I have my own youtube channel (OneDoomedAngelo) that is pretty unknown these days, but I've done some pretty hard stuff there. Some examples are: -Winter's Fury on Nightmare difficulty (although with savestates) -Plutonia with Colourful Monsters mod on Ultra Violence -beating the final map of Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos on my first ever attempt on Ultra Violence But my latest big achievement, which I had to grind for several days, was beating the map Dead.Air without using any other weapons besides the starting pistol. There are a few very tight encounters where one mistake can cost you your life. And to be fair, I did end up dying at the VERY end which made me pretty mad, but it was only due to a dumb mistake, after all enemies were already killed. So I just decided to post this anyways. But enough about me; I wanna hear what you guys' biggest achievements are!
  6. bowserknight

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing Sigil 2 right now, I've beaten 3 maps so far and am now at the secret map. I'm enjoying it so far, but honestly not as much as I thought I would. I'm also currently replaying Scythe 2, since I've never actually beaten the entire thing (talking about the later maps, from map 23 onwards). But I paused this playthrough until I'm done with Sigil 2.
  7. bowserknight

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    from who?
  8. bowserknight

    Lost / Unfinished Map Pack: "Demon Attack"

    Update: I actually found a file containing all the other maps, not just my own ones. The map count jumped up from 5 to 28! I edited the original post accordingly.
  9. bowserknight

    Colourful Hell: Test Map V2 [DONE]

    Huh that's weird, never heard about that one before... but yeah, under normal circumstances you only need like 8 rockets to kill one of them. Sorry that this option caused you troubles, didn't make the fights with that in mind because I had no idea it existed. But congrats for beating it the hard way then haha
  10. bowserknight

    Colourful Hell: Test Map V2 [DONE]

    -update #8 (check changelog for more information); looked at some of the things people have mentioned and adjusted the map accordingly. I originally didn't wanna release any more updates but it just didn't feel 100% right before. Thanks to Pieruskwurje, now all the HP bars work properly and the map feels complete. The fact about the Cacodemon / Pain Elemental fights that you can kill them without getting their loot if they die over the pit, has always bugged me and made the fights harder than they were supposed to be. Now you can drop down there yourself once the fight is over and collect everything. I checked the Red Mancubus fight and honestly didn't have big issues with it, ammo-wise. The monsters before it always drop a bunch of rockets and I don't see how the red Mancubi "hardly take damage" from them. I always end up with over 50 rockets when I enter their room and it's enough to kill them all, with some SSG or Chaingun here and there.
  11. bowserknight

    dead.air - v2

    I've always wondered if it was possible to beat this map by only using the pistol. There's a few fights that can be really tough but all in all it's very possible, don't know if anyone has ever tried it. But I made a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha9UpikDaq0 I ended up dying literally at the VERY end when there was only 1 monster left alive... but let's just ignore that.
  12. bowserknight

    Colourful Hell: Test Map V2 [DONE]

    Nope I didn't see any video in the first post. Cool to see tho! So far I've only watched the first 2 paths, what's with those roman symbols and the weird colors, is that colorblind mode? The white Baron fight looks pretty damn easy, I barely tested that one to be honest.
  13. bowserknight

    Colourful Hell: Test Map V2 [DONE]

    I agree the Barons are tough but I actually almost never died to the non-boss versions. The black Hellknight can be quite the bitch tho. The Rocketlauncher in the Baron path is supposed for you to focus one of them down as fast as you can, so you only have to face 2 of them. For the Pain Elementals, what I usually do is hide behind a wall and take out one of the ones on the left or right as fast as I can. The guy who helped me with the HP bars is currently trying to get the remaining bosses to work with them. When he's done, I'll try fixing some of the issues mentioned here. Thanks for the feedback by the way!
  14. bowserknight

    Colourful Hell: Test Map V2 [DONE]

    Oh wait I didn't? That must be an oversight of me then, I usually get a Plasma Rifle on the yellow Chaingunners, but I still thought I added a Plasma Rifle somewhere. You got it right tho, the big Arachno-Barons always drop lots of energy cells and you're supposed to use those for your Plasma Rifle. Thanks for pointing it out. That one is partially intended, because I don't want people to skip any bosses. They're supposed to follow you into the main room if you try to leave early. But it's not supposed to happen while you're still in their arena... only thing I can do there is to make the wall lower a little slower. Thanks! I might still do it later on, but there's a chance that it's not possible without changing the monsters themselves. That one is fully intentional. Normally, you can't see those because they're completely invisible, you only see them when they try to attack you or if you shoot them. That's why I left their cages "open". Yeah that has happened to me before as well... maybe I just have to make the door a little thicker.