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    • By Midway64 · Posted
      2fort on it's original incarnation.   Pretty great.
    • By Individualised · Posted
      The first ever version of 2fort. It barely resembles its later incarnations.   Crazy how an entire franchise and FPS genre spawned from a single map. It's a crime that the origins of Team Fortress have been forgotten. Most people don't know anything before Quake/TF1 2fort, but nope, this is yet another massively influential thing that the Doom community can claim.
    • By Yumheart · Posted
      Great fun. Bleak, metal-driven style over fairly easy substance, which is a good thing. I can see the song getting annoying in a more challenging map.
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      Pretty fun map if you want some quick, easy slaughter fun. Just sucks a bit that you can just cheese the whole thing by leaving the arena and running around at the edges of the map. Cool to play with gameplay mods tho!   Music is alright but it does get a little annoying after a while.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      Classic, sober, simple tech map that I'm fond of. The flow of the map is like a river, and the backtrack (that myself is usually upset about) is intuitive to follow. The teleport repopulation is smart enough. I don't know about the health/ammo tightness other comments talked about because I played with a mod.