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  1. Kan3

    Doom Streams

    Play through SIGIL II for the first time Kan3V Let's see what Romero created <3
  2. Kan3

    MAP05 looking for feedback

    I see, it's actually a cool thing to have especially for speedrunners. If I may add a random suggestion, you could let the player open the blue door with any blue key and use the blue key card in the secret instead of the blue skull, to help differentiating what you're doing while playing, but this is mostly just nitpicking.
  3. Kan3

    MAP05 looking for feedback

    I got some feedback for you. Hope you'll find it helpful in some way. I found a couple of map breaking oversights that you need to take into account since players will always find new ways of doing stuff you planned, but the map was pretty enjoyable overall! (maybe a bit too long D:)
  4. You won't obtain what you want with this because you're using an actor pointer in a float expression. That AAPTR_TARGET doesn't give you any info about the target, it's only telling the actor calling specific functions, that accept actor pointers in their arguments, that you're pointing at the target, nothing else. To get the distance and to use that in an expression like this, you should be able to use GetDistance, which will return a float value of the distance between the actor calling it and the pointer you want. So in your case: A_SetRenderStyle(GetDistance(1*, AAPTR_TARGET)/256, STYLE_Translucent) should do the trick, even if I didn't test it
  5. Trying to code a proper AI for aquatic creatures



    And for now, it's going pretty decently *_* for once


    This guy will learn how to swim in Doom



    without trying to exit the goddamn water of course

  6. Kan3

    Removing decals from walls

    I was thinking about just not using decals, but go for a fake one, by letting the monster spawn a FLATSPRITE shadow on the walls and then move on from there, but I just found out Decal animator, which it should be the best way to achieve what you want, unless you need something very specific like proximity checks or else, then fake decal it is.
  7. Kan3

    How close are you to finishing your TC?

    I'll join the train. Started to work on mine about 10 months ago, but I always find new stuff that I want to add so basically the completion % has been steady for months D: Weapons (sprites/sounds/mechanics): Only missing 1 out of 8. I have a plan, but not too sure to start working on it yet. Enemies (sprites/sounds/behaviors): I have over than 37 monsters, 9 neutral creatures and 7 npcs, but my brain decided that the project needed fishes, so now I'm stuck at creating a proper fish AI... Pickups / Items: Missing some powerups. Levels: Last thing I'll do. Textures: Got only a few. Sound effects: Ripped off some nice sounds here and there, but I'll need a lot more probably, so I'd say 30% (?). Music: Still need to find some eerie atmospheric midis. HUD: Barely started. Fonts: @Desfar I feel you Title Screen splash image: I plan on making a TITLEMAP, I already have the thing in mind, but never started. Options screen splash image: Yet to think about. @Burgish Maybe you're missing GLDEFS, DECALDEFS and other stuff that can enter in a "Visual effects" category? If you're touching that, of course. Or scripting, like ACS, KEYCONF or Cvars
  8. Kan3

    I need some help with using ANIMDEFS

    1 tic is 1/35 seconds
  9. I had to update the bow, because I apparently completely misunderstood how the PoisonDamage property values work D: (even if I would say the description of the duration value is kind of misleading) Anyhow, now the DOT damages for poison and fire will correctly work (updated the damages sheet too) and I decided to increase the size of both flames and smoke.
  10. Kan3

    I need some help with using ANIMDEFS

    I also kind of had trouble when setting up a switch in ANIMDEFS, but at some point I went with this switch sw1met1 on sound switches/normbutn pic sw1met1 tics 2 pic sw2met1 tics 2 off sound switches/normbutn pic sw1met1 tics 2 pic sw1met1 tics 2 code that I probably copied from some other wad, I can't remember, and it works exactly like it should be. just replace "sw1met1" and "sw2met1" with your textures and you're done! (you can also change the "switches/normbutn" sounds if you want to use custom ones)
  11. Come to play with me in the BEST xmas wad ever made!

    Mountain Of Grunch 2!



  12. Live right now to code some more monsters and aquatic creatures AI :D


    Come to join me:


  13. I mildly hate A_SkullAttack too, so I get your question. Using that function is basically a shortcut to make your monsters behave like projectiles until they miss or hit, but unfortunately there's more behind it (jaeden did a great job showing everything the function does). So if you want to get rid of some of nasty stuff that can happen with the function or avoid some limitations, you can either rewrite the function giving it a new name and adding/removing whatever you like or go for different maybe more hacky ways. For example, you can use SEEKERMISSILE with A_SeekerMissile() on monsters too if you want straight up homing actors, or you could just use ThrustThing and calling A_FaceTarget. To get the impact damage you could use a proximity check like A_JumpIfTargetInLOS and if it returns true call a melee attack function, or shoot a flash invisible projectile. You can play with tons of other options to make your custom lost soul behavior without being forced to limit yourself with A_SkullAttack if it doesn't suit your needs
  14. Kan3

    "error" missing token (unexpected end of file).

    Didn't GZDoom give you more info about the error, like the code line? Because analyzing a wall of code and nothing else is kind of a burden D:
  15. Of course it doesn't work, the actor who calls the function will count how many "clips" (bullets) he has, that's why CountInv() has a second argument to allow modders to count items in other actors inventories. Since you're calling the function from the pain state, you can use the monster target pointer to get whatever actor made him enter that pain state, which I presume it will be the player.