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  1. I'm trying to make a mod that has custom sprites, music, textures, and sound effects. I want the player to be able to toggle them in a menu. Is this possible in Zdoom?
  2. Making a vanilla and unity compatible. However a couple of floor textures crash it (highlighted in blue):
  3. I tried the website, Tried to upload files and sent a google drive link, both gave me an error. HELP! Here's a link to the file.
  4. Been trying to make a mod with new weapons, textures, and music. One of these weapons is a bacon shotgun, which was took from TmSS. Now, the sprites are very big, so with the help of another forum user's advice, I tried to scale them down without interplation. Before Gimp editing: After gimp editing: What am I doing wrong????
  5. AtomIsTired

    Doom Custom Intermission Screen Errors (vanilla)

    Thank you for the help! I managed to solve it. My dumbass forgot to check the height and width of the Help1 and HELP lumps before putting them in the wad.
  6. Sorry, but how do you add a file?
  7. Thanks for the info; just one more question. Can you increase the overall volume of midi files? I currently haven't found any way to do so
  8. Making a vanilla version of my mod, which already has custom music, any way to convert it to midi without sounding horrendous?
  9. AtomIsTired

    Vanilla Doom mod "Bad V_Draw Patch" error

    Update: I did what you said and removed the unedited assets. But in only Doom.wad it still gives me the same error when going to the new game menu. It is not the first error, as I can launch to the options without fail. The titlepic works because it launches. Please help me
  10. AtomIsTired

    Vanilla Doom mod "Bad V_Draw Patch" error

    Thanks for that, but I still need help with the error im reciving. As I stated in my original post, this error only appears when I launch in doom.wad.
  11. Making a vanilla compatible mod, and I need help making it compatible. I get a Bad V_Draw Patch when opening the new game menu in only Doom.wad (using merge in chocolate doom). I am using the "put all the sprites, even if unedited" method, so I took all of the content from Doom2.wad, and deleted any assets which I replaced. Here's a video showcasing all the assets in the wad
  12. AtomIsTired

    Doom Custom Intermission Screen Errors (vanilla)

    I'll explain, I am trying to censor the sprites, like the one i see in your screenshot. So, in order to make things easier, i erased all the pixels in one sprite, and copy and pasted it and gave it the name of the sprites i am trying to censor.
  13. Making a vanilla compatible mod, which features custom sprites, ui/hud changes, and textures. I currently am replacing the map that displays in the Intermission screen in Doom 1 (not INTERPIC). Replacing these gives me a error in Chocolate Doom (using merge): Slade sprites showcase: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoWCowdleidri4B9NBTfooecpH1b7A?e=GVkDn1
  14. AtomIsTired

    How to scale down sprites in slade

    Thanks for the tip, will try gimp again :D
  15. AtomIsTired

    How to scale down sprites in slade

    Sorry it still isn't working, sorry but I am also not comfortable with the mod being shared with anyone else. Im sorry again. I'll find a fix.