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  1. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Another 4 concept arts from Matthew burke's artsation that releated to doom 4, 2nd art is for sure, because you can see on spaceship or what is that is, on left window is seen skycrappers and also in all this arts have uac's logo, in Last one also seen also logo of igis that later used for aquarian consortium from 2016 original storyboard opening before id software is give it at last to vega in release ver of 2016. Edited: well, now it’s clear that the idea of underwater base like in uac atlantica from TAG part 1 is reused from doom 4 concepts
  2. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Со сказачностью здесь бы поспорил в 2016 это сай-фай да разнообразие кроме красного марса с адом не хватало хоть и слава богу каждый комплекс не похож на один и тот же в как в doom 3 ака утраченный потенцал, этернал как ну и фетези с натяжкой потому что кроме драконов/винтеринов в копье мира и связного с фентези те-же Уровни в мире стражей оссобо не обладали красками хоть и красивые всеровно, вот на пример паралелей с вахой 40к и то больше мех у dark Lord'a похож на силовую броню или то же демонов и наличие богов и факт что хьюго мартин большой её фанат что не раз говорил на стримах хотя это же такое же наягивание совы на глобус. Да и в дум 3 и оригинальных думах не беря нынешний канон мы играли за обычного морпеха что от повстанеца не отличаеться корме более большего опытом в боях и физических данных как например рейнджер в серии квейк где был ветераном Вьетнама смог помешать планам гилмана и шуб ниггурат.
  3. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    https://abbycraden.com/resumes/voice-over-resume/ It is now confirmed that abby craden was one of doom 4's voice actors like chad todd hunter he voiced ancira and abby as olivia maybe coincidence or dr pierce was Originaly character from doom 4 is a mystery for now.
  4. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Не совсем трейлер с хоррор состовляюшей это из 1.0 теже монстры с футажей rod love и аниматика ковальчука и также из футажей GDC и уровни как квартира из ashes/библиотеки, про сюжете про кибер солдата это промежуточный этап между 1.0 и 2016 примерно 14-15 года, там использовали активы отмененной версии как просто заглушки в альфе можно найти как броню морпеха так и палача что это доказывает, канализации так похожы потому что игры разроботывались в премерно одно время и тоже время и решили не париться и сделать и в дум канализации.
  5. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Все это очень странно
  6. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    doom 4's Space station screenshots by Peter respondek from 2012 year https://web.archive.org/web/20190304195059/http://www.prespondek.com/uncategorized/rage-space-station Although the name of the page is rage space station and it says that assets from her are used but at the top left is the code name of Doom 4 multiplayer aka zion and at the bottom of pc screen is Doom 4 icon. Probobly this is UAC valhalla from Matthew burke's concept art and Doom 2016 Original intro storyboard, perhaps that idea are recycoled to 2016 multiplayer maps like orbital from dlc called hell followed and outbreak from dlc blood fall and cataclysm from dlc unto the evil. Again credits to @HarveyLi
  7. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Скорее всего но в eternal начало вторжения и большая активность демнического вторжения была в центре Европы она же super gore nest как указывал вега в игре.
  8. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    OMG They even planned horde mode even before doom eternal in doom 4! Thanks to harvey again
  9. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    https://www.tylerelementary.net/ It turns out that that Tyler elementary from rod love mp footages and from concept arts by piccolo are real but located in Washington, although after mentioning in some assets from thao Le site map called hell venice it was clear that multiplayer aka zion's maps in D4 are different places from all over the planet and not only new york and manhattan, btw school map is also mentioned in 2016 closed alpha files as “elementary zion".
  10. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Here is my reddit post with marine armor from different sides and textured and untextured and also from first person because that pics that i send in 2022 are gone because i them posted from links, from the now defunct doom 4 discord archive server by crispies.
  11. Wad overdose

    Rare unused monster in Doom 3 files.

    According to this tweet by kenneth Scott this enemy is early version of invulnerability hunter from resurrection evil in his invulnerable state. https://twitter.com/superactionfunb/status/1647782847653224449
  12. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Here are the footage of tech demo build doom 2016 with assets of doom 4 from DGC's video called “Embracing Push Forward Combat in Doom".
  13. Wad overdose

    Cursed Doom Images

  14. Wad overdose

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    I noticed that on this unused promo On background of destroyed city reminds me early SGN from thao Le site Here's a hud pic/decal of unknown weapon from alpha reminds me mg 42 silhouette and what with ammo clip /ammo belt on side have,although maybe this is a forend and not a clip.
  15. Wad overdose

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I don't like to brag But today my reddit post of pictures of mancubus model by cliff young for doom 4 or most likely to early doom 2016 is the most popular in doom's reddit!, i saw this very surprised, You can check for yourself while it is in Hot posts in main Page.