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  1. Individualised

    Rambling about a Doom 2 level that i love.

    Getting too Tense also features Bobby's signature motif. I wonder if that was an intentional choice as a nod to how often he was inspired by that song.
  2. Didn't remember seeing that one in id's portfolio
  3. I'd prefer if id Software focused on their own IPs, specifically ones whose names begin with the letter Q
  4. Got a warning from ChatGPT after I pasted the infamous fast inverse square root algorithm (as seen in Quake III Arena), presumably because it contains the word "fuck" in one of the comments. I will never understand this weird puritanical obsession against swear words. I sure hope that OpenAI is ran by mature adults who can handle that, otherwise I'm not sure if I can trust them to handle AI responsibly.

  5. OP should probably be cleaned up. The various maplists are not complete and do not show many untaken slots.
  6. I suggest making a new thread as it is not immediately obvious to those not actively following the project that it has been released - I wouldn't have realised without checking the thread, as I have known this thread to be for project development. Making a new thread for finished projects happens all the time.
  7. Was planning on finishing my maps tonight but I am having GPU driver issues, so there may be a delay.
  8. Individualised

    QDOOM mod analysis

    I tried this mappack out with the Doom monsters and it felt like they buffed them up to match Quake monster strengths, monsters seemed to take a lot more hits, though that might have just been me. It's hard to directly compare because I don't know how strong Quake's weapons are compared to Doom's.
  9. Apparently MAP34 uses the Doom 2 title theme by default anyway, so what I said doesn't make much sense. GermanPeter's idea is good.
  10. Individualised

    PsyDoom 1.1.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Is there a way I can make PsyDoom adhere to vanilla limits? (i.e. VRAM limitations, wall heights etc) What about Master Edition's extended limits (still limited VRAM but supports taller walls and such).
  11. Individualised

    3D Realms has part of its staff get laid off by Embracer Group

    It's kinda sad what happened to Apogee. They should still be a big name in the games industry.
  12. Individualised

    GTA VI Trailer

    Wow, Doom 3 has not aged well visually at all. Jesus Christ.
  13. Individualised

    Tom Hall's involvement in E3M5 and MAP28?

    Yes, I was incorrect. The Spirit World was made for Doom 1 but it seems more likely that it was one of Sandy Petersen's earliest levels working for id. EDIT: Thought that was about an edit to the Spirit World page I made a while back, sorry - I didn't make any edits to the E3M5 page. I could have sworn Sandy mentioned something about Unholy Cathedral starting as a Tom Hall map though (something about him not knowing what to do with all of the teleporters?) Classic case of Sandy Petersen misremembering something maybe, or I could be thinking of him talking about another map.
  14. Club Doom could probably work for MAP34 to be honest. It would be nice to see a nod to the intermission theme though as that plays on MAP34 in the vanilla game. They already put in a few other new maps, and they were also working on Doom 64 at the time, so I think it was more of a case of "why not".
  15. I actually had ideas of my own for what the two song combinations could be for MAP33 and MAP34, but I wanted to wait until I had posted the maps before I discussed that. I don't really know how combining Wolfenstein 3D songs with an ambient track and a gabber(?) track would work to be honest, especially in MIDI. How about Read Me While Listening to This (from Doom 2) combined with Wondering About My Loved Ones (from Wolf 3D) for MAP33, as the former plays on MAP33 by default, and both songs are similar in theme? MAP34 could be a mix of the Doom 2 intermission theme (which usually plays on MAP34) and another Wolf 3D theme of whoever decides to do that MIDI's choice. Speaking of my maps; both will be done by the 20th. Had some IRL/non-Doom stuff taking up my time and energy but I should be mostly free to work on this now.